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Braceface Design is a multi-medium design studio working with fine art, digital illustrations and moving imagesThe studio specializes in creating unique and engaging visual content. Our work includes everything from branding to packaging and digital media.


We believe that illustration has the power to bring any concept to life, and strive to create meaningful and impactful designs for our clients. Whether you're looking to develop your brand or simply need some eye-catching visuals, we can help you achieve your goals. 

Braceface Design | Illustration | Gaby Katten  | Freelance Illustration

The studio was founded by Gaby Katten who started her career in London working for various designers and agencies. With a fashion design background, Gaby's transition to image making led her to explore various mediums and draw inspiration from a range of art forms. This has allowed her to build a diverse portfolio that forms the foundation of Braceface Design.

Client Reviews

Listen!! This is the *most* professional designer on the market, completely fair prices, attention to detail at the highest level and it's just fun to work with her!
Probably one of the best choices for my brand, we've been working together for a year after many changes between professionals, highly recommend ❤️❤️❤️

(Translated by Google)

Saar Cohen

Founder of Tiki

Selected Clients

Musicians & Content Creators

The Americans         Marina Lin         Olivia K & The Parkers       BUUDROW
Emma Nicole               Jerry Cherry               Alto Key 

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